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Hey, I'm Connor Sample. I started programming around 2014, and I know a wide variety of programming languages. I'm most proficient in Rust and Python, but I have ranging levels of experience using many languages from JavaScipt to Bash to C to Java, and I pick up new languages fairly quickly. I'm an avid Linux user and I have skills in managing both desktop and server environments. I'm currently a student at James Madison University pursuing a degree in Computer Science with a minor in Music. After I graduate, I'd like to get a job in something I'm interested in, such as desktop development, networking, backend development, sysadmin, or something similar. Other than technology, I also really love music. I'm mainly a percussionist, but I also play guitar and tuba. I've been playing music since 2015 and I've played in a variety of ensembles, from high school wind ensemble and marching band to the MRDs at JMU.

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