My Software

Squiid logo

Squiid is a modular calculator written in Rust. It is the successor to our previous calculator, ImaginaryInfinity Calculator.

randfacts logo

Randfacts is a Python module that generates random facts.

Vapor logo

TUI program to check the ProtonDB compatibility of all the games of a Steam user.

JMU OpenConnect logo
JMU OpenConnect

Wrapper script around openconnect for JMU VPN authentication on Linux.

AnuBIS logo

Bus Pass Management and Printing System.


TiO2 an interpreter, compiler, and decompiler for TI-BASIC programs.

ti842py logo

ti842py is a TI-BASIC to Python 3 transpiler.

Modpack Switcher logo
Modpack Switcher

Utility to allow for having multiple minecraft worlds/modpacks using one server host.

Wordle Finder logo
Wordle Finder

Rust program to help find the wordle word.

Castify logo

Castify is an open source utility that allows you to easily find out if two different movies or TV shows share any cast.

Screen Brightness logo
Screen Brightness

Small Python utility that uses xrandr to adjust screen brightness.

Sketchify logo

Create a sketch-like version of an image.

Academiic logo

Manage assignments from several learning management systems in one convenient place.

ImaginaryInfinity Calculator logo
ImaginaryInfinity Calculator

ImaginaryInfinity Calculator is a lightweight, but expandable calculator.


Mediabot is an open source discord bot that can speak user-sent media (audio files, PDFs, Images, text) in a voice channel.