Hi, I'm Tabulate. I've been programming for around years. I'm currently interested in desktop development and networking, but I also do fullstack development, web scraping, and automation in general. I'm proficient in Rust, Python, Bash, JavaScript, Java, and HTML/CSS. I have some experience with C++, C, Lua, Powershell, and many other languages. I also have a few Python Modules that you can find here. Check out my two favorite projects, ti842py, a TI-BASIC to Python transpiler, and Squiid, a modular calculator written in Rust, and the successor to ImaginaryInfinity Calculator

Featured Projects:


Squiid Calculator

Squiid is a modular calculator written in Rust. It is currently very early in development but it is intended to be the successor to ImaginaryInfinity Calculator

Source Code
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randfacts is a python library that generates random facts. Thats really all there is to it.

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Download Amount Beta


ti842py is a TI-BASIC to Python 3 transpiler.

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Modpack Switcher

Modpack Switcher is a utility to have multiple minecraft servers/worlds using one server host.

Source Code/Downloads

ImaginaryInfinity Calculator

ImaginaryInfinity Calculator is a lightweight, but expandable calculator written in Python. It's command line interface is designed to resemble that of some graphing calculators. I've worked on this with my friend, TurboWafflz for a while now. The latest release version can be found on the master branch, but the development branch contains new testing features, but may be unstable.

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The algebra plugin is a plugin for ImaginaryInfinity Calculator. This plugin adds the functionality to do various operations on mathematical expressions like solving, simplifying, etc.

You can install this plugin in ImaginaryInfinity Calculator by typing pm.install("algebra") or through the GUI store, accessed with the store.store() command.

Source Code